Hay Fever

The Pollen season is quickly approaching and I wonder how many of you knew that Bowen therapy can help with Hay fever?

Well it certainly can, and getting in there early is what its all about. Changing the body’s response to the allergen in pollen can make sure you get to enjoy summer and actually being outside.

Give us a call at NRG to discuss how this may help you 07734962615

Pro-Argi 9 Plus supplement

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Thought I would put a little information on here about a supplement I have been trialling myself and have begun to distribute. The supplement is called Pro-Argi 9 Plus and it is a combination of 2 amino acids l’arginine and l,citrilline and vitamins which convert to Nitric Oxide in the body. L-arginine L-arginine is a vital amino acid that plays a role in a number of physiological functions in the body, but is best known for its cardiovascular benefits. In the body, l-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels...

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From blog: BeYoutiful If you can already touch your toes, then we’re very happy for you. For those who can’t – and that includes a number of us at Wahanda HQ – it looks help may be at hand. Or, ahem, foot… Research into UK fitness levels has shown that 50% of Brits cannot touch their toes – a figure that sheds a great deal of light on our lifestyles. Lack of activity and a reluctance to exercise is leading to the shortening of hamstring muscles, which in turn can have some pretty gloomy health consequences. As Bowen...

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Thought I would bring to your attention the subject of regulation. I have been reading a book this week relating to the regulation of the brain in respect of eating habits and weight loss. Whilst this information is not new to me, it’s sometimes good to be reminded of certain info. Whilst reading the book, it became clear to me that regulation is universal throughout nature. We as humans regulate our emotions constantly or at least we try to. When we find it difficult to regulate ourselves is when we develop problems, either emotional or...

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Just thought I would add a note here about Pregnancy and conception. Been to see a first time Mum today, 36 weeks pregnant who is quite anxious about the impending birth and labout. Thats quite natural and normal you would say, but came back to clinic to see a Mum who is trying to get pregnant for the second time without much joy at the moment. It seems that pregnancy and conception, although a very natural and normal process for some, is a somewhat fraught and tense time for others. Anxiety can only add to the tension and stress felt by the...

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First week of the year

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Well we are 1 week into 2012, and although it has been a quiet start to my year, it has been interesting. I have had a good response to my last blog on anxiety and panic attacks, so if the info helped you and you responded, thanks for that. Spent an evening with friends last night who mainly work within substance misuse and mental health areas and some very good information was discussed. Things are changing both within the statutory services and the NHS and if may cause difficulties for some to make themselves seen and heard, both staff and...

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Anxiety and panic attacks

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Thought it may be a good time to blog about these two issues, Anxiety and Panic attacks as there seems to be lots of it about at the moment. Had a patient today who is crippled with anxiety, experiencing panic attacks and at rock bottom. How brave of them to actually do something about it then, just when you thought all was hopeless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There doesnt always have to be a reason why these two issues occur, and often looking for reasons may increase their hold on us. What is important is to decide what...

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Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to you all and may 2012 see you in great Health and Wellbeing. It looks like it may be a challenging year, but also one of great opportunities. If you find yourself challenged in any way, either physically or emotionally, NRG Balance is happy to support you to make the neccessary changes to acheive your desired outcome, and have the best of lives.

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NRG Balance first blog post

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Welcome to NRG Balance and thanks for visiting my site. My goal is to help people to understand and access Complementary therapies easily and with the confidence of knowing they are in experienced and supportive hands. That said, we must all take responsibility for our own Health and Wellbeing, and by listening to our bodies and thoughts carefully, we can work with the self to be the best version of us possible both physically and mentally. So my job is to offer information, support and a safe environment in which to expand and explore Optimum...

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