Thought I would bring to your attention the subject of regulation. I have been reading a book this week relating to the regulation of the brain in respect of eating habits and weight loss. Whilst this information is not new to me, it’s sometimes good to be reminded of certain info. Whilst reading the book, it became clear to me that regulation is universal throughout nature. We as humans regulate our emotions constantly or at least we try to. When we find it difficult to regulate ourselves is when we develop problems, either emotional or physical. We are obviously born with an intact regulatory system the nervous system, but when it is affected by certain issues, how do we recalibrate it to return to normal function. Well we have an inbuilt system which does this for us beautifully but why do we continue to override it or what stops it from returning to it regulatory ways. Stress is the major player here on a physical level, but on a chemical level, we are subject to foods which our bodies were not designed to cope with and also an amazingly fast yet sedentary life style which may not suit our evolutionary development. How important is it then that we pay attention to what we eat, how we eat, how we deal with emotions, how we use our bodies daily? If we bear in mind those issues, then surely we can help ourselves to regulate easily and effectively and have a better life……here’s to REGULATION

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