I Started suffering with anxiety in 2006, and as time progressed, I found even ordering food in a restaurant quite stressful. I would panic about making conversation with people and yet hope that they did not see the nervis in my face. My confidence suffered and I felt like I had become a shadow of the person I had always been. My GP prescirbed medication in 2007 and in time my confidence started to come back. In 2011 I felt strong enought to stop taking the medication, however the fear of the anxiety coming back made me start to feel anxious and it felt impossible to stop taking the medication.

I had seen NRG’s website and I had read about Bowen therapy so I decided to give it a try. The therapy and guidance I received from Christine, helped me re-focus my mind and priorities, and I have now managed to stop taking medication altogether.

I feel like a totally different person, able to cope with the everyday stresses that life brings, and I have confidence in my own ability. Most of all, I am able to relax my mind and stop any negative thoughts before they start.

Christine has given me a new found confidence and I would strongly recomment this therapy to anyone who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, etc or who just need to be able to relax more.

CT 38 year old woman (Wigan) Panic Attacks, Depression, Anxiety

The birth of our son Charlie would not quite have been the same without the classes we took, and support we had, from Norma over the last few months. The principles of hypnosis in birthing were both useful and interesting. Possibly more importantly, the information and guidance which we were provided with throughout the pregnancy helped us both relax even more deeply – before and during the birth. Learning to know what to expect, and what my body was going to go through helped me to prepare mentally and physically for what in the end was a very natural birth of Charlie at home, with my husband Matt and daughter Lene present. I would highly recommend the support of both Norma and Christine for your pregnancy and a completely beautiful birth for you and your baby.

Pregnant mum A Home birth (water) Creating Better Births programme

I found the support from Norma and Chris amazing throughout my pregnancy. I contacted Norma through recommendation and was looking for something to ease some of my fears of child birth as it was my first pregnancy. The birth fit program was fantastic, it gave both myself and my partner a better understanding of what happens to your body during labour and what to expect. My partner was given advice on how to support during labour and pregnancy with various techniques. I used the relaxation CD most nights and had it on repeat throughout my entire labour. My little boy arrived in the world after 7.5hrs of labour and I had a planned home birth with only 2 paracetamol as pain relief.

Pregnant mum K Creating better births programme

To go for a treatment with Christine is like soaking in a warm soapy bath. Whenever my aches ,pains or even my moods become difficult to live with I have a Bowen treatment which magically soothes everything away. Christine is constantly learning new techniques and she has so much knowledge about the body and it workings and she just seems to know exactly what my body needs. I always leave feeling conforted, relaxed , re-energised and positive.

P S-P Female 12 year history of ME( Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) Bowen Technique

H i Christine, i hope you had a lovely christmas and wish you a happy,healthy new year .Thank you so much for the difference you have made in my life ,after just one visit i can stand in shops without nearly crying with pain , am picking things up from the floor and made a start on the house,bought a new doormat for hall and decorated dresser out there with little lights etc.
I am so gratefull to you for giving me back hope and will contact you soon for another appointment but just wanted to thank you for helping me start this year knowing i’m out of the trap of pain/hopelessness and crippling inertia and healing mind,body and spirit

PM Female 54 scoliosis and crumbling vertebrae, history of depression, Bowen Technique, and coaching

“I would recommend Christine to anyone seeking to proactively deal with any health problems or limitations. Her real strengths lie in her preparedness to listen and work with you, in a way that works for you, at both a physical and psychological level to address whatever issues you want to deal with. I have Bowen Therapy with Christine on a regular basis to help with leg and back pain, posture and arthritic symptoms. As a result of the treatment I have increased mobility in my hip and I am walking better. She also worked with my daughter following a car accident, helping her to alleviate the physical effects and to build up her confidence in driving again.”

LC Female HR Specialist, history of hip back and referred pain (Bowen therapy)

Christine is an amazing lady. Through her coaching and support I managed to deal with some pretty challenging personal situations in a very positive and constructive way. She is firm, fair and honest. I would not hesitate in recommending her to talk to when life can sometimes throw you off balance. She helped me get back on track , think straight and continue on with my vision for the future

TE Female Co Director lifestyle changes and career focus (Coaching & Flower Essences)

“I have known Christine and used her services for quite a few years now.
I was first introduced to Christine’s services through a colleague, I had been to physio’s and other specialists for years for sport related injuries and at first very sceptical about trying Bowen. But since my first session was very impressed, since then I only tend to use Christine and would endorse the good work she does

BL Male Co Director keen cyclist – back/neck problems (Bowen therapy)

I began a 6 week course of the Bowen technique and life coaching following a 14 months period of severe and constant pain, which was caused by M.E and mental health problems. As a result of the Bowen technique I was able to relax for the first time in over a year. Therefore i was able to achieve a good quality of rest, which proved to lessen my pain. Additionally, with Christine’s support, I was able to break some negative patterns of thought and become positive about my future again, despite my poor health. All-in-all, christine’s support has given me hope and, it is for that reason that, I would strongly recommend the Bowen technique and life coaching to anyone who is in chronic pain and/or has M.E and/or mental health problems.
The Bowen technique and life coaching proved to be beneficial when conventional medicines and treatments,namely anti-depressants, physiotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, were not.

MC MA Student Female ME, CFS, Depression, Muscular pain (Bowen therapy/Hypnotherapy/Coaching)

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