Just thought I would add a note here about Pregnancy and conception. Been to see a first time Mum today, 36 weeks pregnant who is quite anxious about the impending birth and labout. Thats quite natural and normal you would say, but came back to clinic to see a Mum who is trying to get pregnant for the second time without much joy at the moment. It seems that pregnancy and conception, although a very natural and normal process for some, is a somewhat fraught and tense time for others. Anxiety can only add to the tension and stress felt by the body at this time and that is where Bowen technique is invaluable in assisting the body to find new reference points. It allows the body to access the parasympathetic system ( rest and digest), therefore encouraging normalization of Autonomic Nervous System and switching off the sympathetic responses (flight or fight). These are very necessary responses but the body should operate more oftern in the former than the latter. Encouraging the body to relax help it to rebalance and realign itself , therefore enabling it to be more effective and acheive better results. Structure governs function, and if the structure is too tense and inflexible then the function cant help be affected.

I know that from todays treatments that these two ladies will enjoy better outcomes, and their functionality will increase enabling them to enjoy the process of creation, as it was always meant to be.

Have a great week



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