First week of the year

Well we are 1 week into 2012, and although it has been a quiet start to my year, it has been interesting. I have had a good response to my last blog on anxiety and panic attacks, so if the info helped you and you responded, thanks for that. Spent an evening with friends last night who mainly work within substance misuse and mental health areas and some very good information was discussed. Things are changing both within the statutory services and the NHS and if may cause difficulties for some to make themselves seen and heard, both staff and patients alike. One of my friends has recently become involved in the Occupy movement locally and it has been a very exciting time for her. She spoke with passion and enthusiam about the changes it has brought about for her and for many of the people who have joined this worthwhile cause. The coming together of like minded people can never be a negative experience and can facilitate potential growth and nourishment for all involved. Occupy is focussed on community and how we do well when we work together. This brought to mind some of the teachings of Bruce Lipton and how his research led him to discover how our cells work in communities. These communities are goverened by their environment, and so thrive better in optimum environments. Perhaps now would be a great time to check in with ourselves, our bodies and minds, and really challenge the environments which we choose to be in, ie home, work, social life etc. When we ensure that we are surrounded by what we need in a healthy way, we cannot fail to thrive and be happy, so let go of the clutter, chaos, restriction, and build yourself a community which supports you and allows you to grow,……. have a great week!

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