Pro-Argi 9 Plus supplement

Thought I would put a little information on here about a supplement I have been trialling myself and have begun to distribute. The supplement is called Pro-Argi 9 Plus and it is a combination of 2 amino acids l’arginine and l,citrilline and vitamins which convert to Nitric Oxide in the body.


L-arginine is a vital amino acid that plays a role in a number of physiological functions in the body, but is best known for its cardiovascular benefits.

In the body, l-arginine is converted to nitric oxide, which relaxes the blood vessels and regulates blood vessel tone and flexibility. This reduces stress on the heart, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure.

Citrulline – The amino acid citrulline is metabolized to yield more l-arginine, which in turn provides additional nitric oxide. Citrulline helps to optimize blood flow throughout the body and promote healthy energy levels.

Folic Acid, Vitamins B6 and B12 – These ingredients work together to naturally decrease homocysteine levels.

Red wine extract – This ingredient is high in antioxidants, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, which help protect the heart and reduce LDL oxidation.

Pomegranate – Pomegranate contains superior antioxidants, known as punicalagins and ellagic acid. Pomegranate inhibits LDL oxidation, supports arterial wall strength, and enhances the activity of eNOS, the enzyme responsible for converting l-arginine to nitric oxide.

Vitamin K2 – This vitamin keeps calcium in the bones and out of the arteries.

Vitamin D3 – This vitamin has long been known to aid in calcium absorption, but new research shows that D3 also plays a role in healthy cardiovascular function and supports healthy inflammatory response.

Ribose – Ribose is a naturally occurring sugar that has been extensively studied for its ability to enhance the recovery of energy compounds in heart cells.

Xylitol – This ingredient is a low glycemic sweetener that occurs naturally in the body. Unlike other sweeteners, xylitol has been shown to promote saliva production providing protection against tooth decay.

Personally I have experienced improvement in energy, better and deeper sleep, quicker recovery from exercise,and generally felt more motivated to do more. I suffered with Pulsitile Tinitus which is hearing the sound of your heart beat in the ear, and this has vastly improved since taking the supplement.

you can see from the above that this product has the potential to help in many ways, and it tastes great too, I look forward to taking it.
If you would like to try Pro-Argi 9 plus, please contact me for details as I can post out to anywhere in the UK, it’s not available in shops.



From blog: BeYoutiful.

If you can already touch your toes, then we’re very happy for you. For those who can’t – and that includes a number of us at Wahanda HQ – it looks help may be at hand. Or, ahem, foot…

Research into UK fitness levels has shown that 50% of Brits cannot touch their toes – a figure that sheds a great deal of light on our lifestyles. Lack of activity and a reluctance to exercise is leading to the shortening of hamstring muscles, which in turn can have some pretty gloomy health consequences. As Bowen Technique expert Julian Baker puts it, ‘being able to touch your toes is not just a party trick – it can mean the difference between chronic pain and comfort.’ Well, that’s certainly made us sit up and listen…

So where does the Bowen Technique come in? This fascinating therapy relies upon trained practitioners using their thumbs and forefingers to make rolling movements across tendons and ligaments – and it looks like it can have pretty impressive results. According to a new study by Coventry University, the Bowen Technique can dramatically increase flexibility, to the extent that some people may find themselves able to touch their toes after as little as a week.

Julian Baker, who is director of the European College of Bowen Studies, says ‘I’m astonished by the long-term effects of this therapy treatment. For the high proportion of the UK population unable to touch its toes, even an introductory workout could induce levels of pain incurring long recovery periods.’ Well, then, what are you waiting for?

Popular with athletes, who use the therapy to reduce the damage done by sports injuries, the Bowen Technique also comes highly recommended by adventurer Bear Grylls. After undergoing treatment from Bowen practitioners to mend his back, which was broken during SAS parachute training, Grylls is apparently hooked. And if it’s good enough for him, it’s definitely good enough for us – after all, our biggest adventure is having to navigate the Tube at rush hour.

Feel like reacquainting yourself with your toes? Find out more about this therapy at or browse for Bowen Technique practitioners near you. Time to show those hamstrings who’s boss…

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Thought I would bring to your attention the subject of regulation. I have been reading a book this week relating to the regulation of the brain in respect of eating habits and weight loss. Whilst this information is not new to me, it’s sometimes good to be reminded of certain info. Whilst reading the book, it became clear to me that regulation is universal throughout nature. We as humans regulate our emotions constantly or at least we try to. When we find it difficult to regulate ourselves is when we develop problems, either emotional or physical. We are obviously born with an intact regulatory system the nervous system, but when it is affected by certain issues, how do we recalibrate it to return to normal function. Well we have an inbuilt system which does this for us beautifully but why do we continue to override it or what stops it from returning to it regulatory ways. Stress is the major player here on a physical level, but on a chemical level, we are subject to foods which our bodies were not designed to cope with and also an amazingly fast yet sedentary life style which may not suit our evolutionary development. How important is it then that we pay attention to what we eat, how we eat, how we deal with emotions, how we use our bodies daily? If we bear in mind those issues, then surely we can help ourselves to regulate easily and effectively and have a better life……here’s to REGULATION


Just thought I would add a note here about Pregnancy and conception. Been to see a first time Mum today, 36 weeks pregnant who is quite anxious about the impending birth and labout. Thats quite natural and normal you would say, but came back to clinic to see a Mum who is trying to get pregnant for the second time without much joy at the moment. It seems that pregnancy and conception, although a very natural and normal process for some, is a somewhat fraught and tense time for others. Anxiety can only add to the tension and stress felt by the body at this time and that is where Bowen technique is invaluable in assisting the body to find new reference points. It allows the body to access the parasympathetic system ( rest and digest), therefore encouraging normalization of Autonomic Nervous System and switching off the sympathetic responses (flight or fight). These are very necessary responses but the body should operate more oftern in the former than the latter. Encouraging the body to relax help it to rebalance and realign itself , therefore enabling it to be more effective and acheive better results. Structure governs function, and if the structure is too tense and inflexible then the function cant help be affected.

I know that from todays treatments that these two ladies will enjoy better outcomes, and their functionality will increase enabling them to enjoy the process of creation, as it was always meant to be.

Have a great week



First week of the year

Well we are 1 week into 2012, and although it has been a quiet start to my year, it has been interesting. I have had a good response to my last blog on anxiety and panic attacks, so if the info helped you and you responded, thanks for that. Spent an evening with friends last night who mainly work within substance misuse and mental health areas and some very good information was discussed. Things are changing both within the statutory services and the NHS and if may cause difficulties for some to make themselves seen and heard, both staff and patients alike. One of my friends has recently become involved in the Occupy movement locally and it has been a very exciting time for her. She spoke with passion and enthusiam about the changes it has brought about for her and for many of the people who have joined this worthwhile cause. The coming together of like minded people can never be a negative experience and can facilitate potential growth and nourishment for all involved. Occupy is focussed on community and how we do well when we work together. This brought to mind some of the teachings of Bruce Lipton and how his research led him to discover how our cells work in communities. These communities are goverened by their environment, and so thrive better in optimum environments. Perhaps now would be a great time to check in with ourselves, our bodies and minds, and really challenge the environments which we choose to be in, ie home, work, social life etc. When we ensure that we are surrounded by what we need in a healthy way, we cannot fail to thrive and be happy, so let go of the clutter, chaos, restriction, and build yourself a community which supports you and allows you to grow,……. have a great week!

Anxiety and panic attacks

Thought it may be a good time to blog about these two issues, Anxiety and Panic attacks as there seems to be lots of it about at the moment. Had a patient today who is crippled with anxiety, experiencing panic attacks and at rock bottom. How brave of them to actually do something about it then, just when you thought all was hopeless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There doesnt always have to be a reason why these two issues occur, and often looking for reasons may increase their hold on us. What is important is to decide what outcome you would like, and then how that outcome will impact on your life and what is going on in your life. ie, how will your life look when you have your desired outcome. Most of the time, this is not something we consider. We know we want something to change, but we dont think about how life will be once it has changed. If we take a peek at how much better our life looks when things change, that can spur us on to make it a reality. My patient was quite clear in what they wanted in their life in the future, although at the outset this seemed unclear. In gentle questioning, we can ascertain where someone is, and then, where they would like to be. Giving them a little glimpse of this bring hope to the hopeless, and then offerring all the support and love possible, allows them to take the leap of faith and have the life they deserve.  Wow how lucky am I to do this job, have a great life!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all and may 2012 see you in great Health and Wellbeing. It looks like it may be a challenging year, but also one of great opportunities. If you find yourself challenged in any way, either physically or emotionally, NRG Balance is happy to support you to make the neccessary changes to acheive your desired outcome, and have the best of lives.

NRG Balance first blog post

Welcome to NRG Balance and thanks for visiting my site. My goal is to help people to understand and access Complementary therapies easily and with the confidence of knowing they are in experienced and supportive hands.

That said, we must all take responsibility for our own Health and Wellbeing, and by listening to our bodies and thoughts carefully, we can work with the self to be the best version of us possible both physically and mentally.

So my job is to offer information, support and a safe environment in which to expand and explore Optimum Health and Wellbeing!