What is it?
Pronounced “Ray-Key” meaning Universal Life Force Energy. It is acknowledged worldwide by health care professionals and scientists, that in order to maintain homeostatis the life force energy must flow freely around the body.
Our bodies have a subtle energy system through which this vital energy flows, and it is essential to our survival. We are born with this energy intact, but when it becomes low or blocked we have the potential to become ill or suffer from “dis-ease”.
There are many things which contribute to the disruption of our energy flow. Life today can be hectic and stressful and this can reflect on our health, and although stress is a part of all our lives, it is how we deal with it that can badly affect us.


Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger. Honor your parents, teachers, and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show how gratitude to everything.

Dr. Mikao Usui

I am trained in the Usui Ryoho system of Reiki, re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 1800’s. He had a keen interest in healing and studied in his practised religion as a Christian, extending his studying into Buddhism. He embarked on a quest to fully understand what or indeed who created the healing, which led him to have an enlightening experience whilst fasting in the mountains for 21 days. He tested what he was shown, and was himself put to the test as he learned that people must first accept responsibility for themselves, and their health. He also learned that when something is given away, the recipient must show gratitude and be appreciative for what they receive, thus honouring the giver and the gift.
He passed his teachings onto Dr Chujiro Hayashi, who trained Mrs Hawayo Takata, and Reiki was then introduced to the Western world. It is practised world-wide today and is recognised by Complimentary and allopathic practitioners.

What will happen during a Reiki treatment?
The practitioner will discuss with you any health problems which you may be experiencing or may have had in the past. You will remain fully clothed whilst having the Reiki , and the treatment will last about 1 hour. The practitioner will place their hands either on, or just above you, in a sequence covering the whole body. Their hands may become warm and you may feel deeply relaxed and safe. People report many different feeling whilst having a Reiki treatment and it is very much an individual experience. After the treatment you will be advised to drink plenty of water to aid de-toxification, and you may feel calm and relaxed. You may feel a surge in energy, a well-being feeling, clarity of mind and peacefulness, lighter in your body as if a weight had been lifted from you. This is due to the shifts in energy within you and the changes may well take place for a few days following treatment.

What can Reiki Treat?
Reiki may be helpful with numerous problems as it works on a fundamental level. The only limitations are the ones placed by the recipient because they are unwilling to cast off old habits and accept change and healing.
Reiki has been useful in treating a host of illnesses or “dis-eases”. It is very relaxing, sometimes taking the recipient into a medatitive state and generally leaving them with a “chilled- out” feeling after treatment. Reiki treats the person and not the symptoms, which may only be an indicator of a problem.



Learn Reiki

Learn Reiki

Reiki is more than a treatment or self treatment, it is a commitment to leading your life in a different way . The Reiki course will help you to understand how to align with energy and utilise it to heal yourself and others. The teachings will encourage a more holistic view of life and forge changes which can assist with awareness of how we choose the life we lead.

During the course, very moving “Healing Meditations” from India are experienced, which help to prepare you for the Attunements.

Also, a friendly “all around the table” home-made lunch is provided so that you do not need to worry about bringing anything.

The course has been likened to being on a retreat, creating a feeling or relaxation and harmony, but also students often leave with a feeling of excitement of discovering the power of Reiki and looking forward to what is to come, and how their lives may change.

Reiki Attunements


In the Reiki 1st Degree, there are 4 Attunements, addressing four energy centres which are known as chakras.

These 1st Degree Attunements, primarily focus on the physical body, opening up a channel so that it can accept and transfer greater quantities of “Life Force Energy”.

We are all born with Reiki (Life Force Energy) which lies dormant until it is awakened by a Reiki Master. Once this has been activated, it is with you for life. The 1st Degree allows you to concentrate firstly on self-healing, and also on healing family, friends and animals.

The course is held over a 2 day period during which you receive a 60 page manual, guiding you through everything that you will have been taught. Due to this being most people’s first introduction to Reiki, often many other topics regarding Reiki are discussed, as well as taking part in 4 powerful healing meditations.

First Degree Certificate awarded.


During this two day course, you will receive two attunements, greatly increasing the flow of the Reiki “Life Force Energy”, and also developing your psychic and spiritual awareness.

You will be shown three poweful sacred symbols, and taught how and when to use them, again increasing the healing power of Reiki.

Also you will be whown how to use one of the most wonderful gifts that we can acquire – Distant Healing. This can be a most effective way of sending healing to someone who needs it, but is not able to be with you at that time.

Manual and Certificate given.


The 3rd Degree attunements is to initiate a Master. As a Master, you are enabled to teach others and to help them empower themselves.

Usually the Masters Degree is only taken by people who have chosen to accept a greater responsibility for their life by acknowledging that they can strive to become the Master of their own destiny.

Also, much more commitment and dedication is required, but the rewards are great, including discovering a sense of your true essence!

Manual and Certificate given.


For further information and costs, please contact me direct.


What is Reflexology?
Reflexology refers to a methods of treatment whereby massage, used in a particular way on reflex points, can cause effects in areas quite distant to the feet. It can also be used on the hands. The feet are a mirror image of the body, and if a particular area is tender or painful, then it is possible to work on the foot to stimulate a resonse in the corresponding body area. This can be useful if the part of the body is too sore to touch, or with patients who have terminal disease and could be in great pain, much comfort and relief can be gained by addressing the foot reflex area. This will stimulate the nerve endings in the foot and initiate the healing process. It will also help the body to de-toxify and eliminate any over production of uric acid and calcium which could be stored in the feet. Reflexology should not be used to diagnose problems, but the therapist can build up a clear picture of the clients general health and may suggest ideas to help with certain issues.

History of Reflexology
The origins of reflexology date back at least 5000 years when the Chinese were known to have practised a form of pressure therapy with a basis similar to that of acupuncture. The ancient Egyptians were also depicted in tomb drawings massaging the feet. The earliest book written on “Zone Therapy” , as it was first known, was published in 1582. Dr William H Fitzgerald commenced research into zone therapy in 1913 and was intruiged by the fact that he could apply pressure to certain parts of the hands which would inhibit pain. He used this whilst operating on patients and discovered that the body could be divided into 10 longitudal zones from the toes to the brain. Another pioneer of Reflexology was Eunice Ingham whose books became standard textbooks for students. She taught Doreen Bayly whose teachings are still continued today through the Bayly School of Reflexology.

What will happen in a Reflexology Treatment?
You will have a consultation with the practitioner to check that there are not contra-indications to the treatment. You will be asked about your general health and any health issues you may have had in the past, your lifestyle, and your diet. You will then be invited to either lay or sit on the therapy couch, whichever is most comfortable for you. The practitioner will then massage your lower legs and feet to relax them and prepare them for working, and then proceed to cover the whole of the foot, top and bottom, with a massage technique called thumb or finger walking. This gives them constant contact with the foot and enables them to note any changes in texture , contour, or tender painful areas. You may feel relaxed and even sleepy whilst you are having the treatment, which should last for about 1 hour.

What can Reflexology treat?
Reflexology has been used to treat a number of different conditions. As with other holistic therapies, it is used to treat the whole body , therefore the client is being treated and not their symptoms. It has shown to be effective for the following problems; headaches, hormonal problems, musculo-skeletal problems, digestive disorders, parkinsons disease, plus many others.


Massage is the use of hands, or mechanical means , to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, particularly muscles. It can be used for relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it. It promotes suppleness of the muscles, improves circulation and reduces stress, aids digestion , waste removal and neural communication, promotes cell regeneration.
There are a number of different massaging techniques ; Efflourage, a generally gentle sweeping stroke which introduces the body to touch and relaxes the client. Petrissage ; this stroke is used to manipulate tissues and muscles and is a firmer kneading or rubbing stroke with pressure. Friction ; these moves focus on a particular problem area and can be used for loosening tightness around joints etc, as it heats up the area and promotes lymphatic drainage and improved circulation.
Percussion; these are invigorating and stimulating strokes which use the hands to strike the body rapidy and suddenly. They help to improve muscle tone , break up fat deposits in fleshy areas , and invigorate the nerves.

History of Massage
The use of massage has been recorded in China from 3000 BC. The ancient Chinese called their technique “amma” and used specific movements on particular points of the body. It was used for the promotion and restoration of health as well as for relaxation. The Japanese also used the amma technique , and in India massage has been used as a traditional part of Ayurvedic medicine. Many different cultures have massage depicted in their history, but the modern technique was developed by Per Henrik Ling in the early 1800’s. It is a well reputed and established form of rehabilitation and a natural and effective way to treat both physical conditions and psychological problems.

What will happen during a Massage?
You will discuss, with your practitioner , what outcome you want from the massage treatment, ie do you want to feel relaxed, or would you like to feel invigorated. Details will be taken of you current health status to determine whether there could be any contra-indication to the treatment. You may choose to have the whole body massage, ie back, front & back of legs, arms and abdomen, or you may just choose to have a combination of any just mentioned. You will be asked only to remove clothing from the area which is involved in the treatment , and relax on the therapy couch. The practitioner will begin the treatment by first spreading the oil or medium used, then will commence the massaging using correct pressure in accordance with the client. It is not unusual to become very relaxed and even fall asleep during the massage, which may indicate that the body has begun to start to rejuvenate itself. The session will last about 1 hour depending on how many areas are being treated, and the client will be advised to drink plenty of water following treatment to detoxify the systems.

Hot stone Massage
Massage using hot volcanic stones to gently stimulate and exfoliate the skin. The deep penetrating heat prepares the body for deeper work, melting tension away from the muscles. This is a wonderfully relaxing massage with the contrast of hot stones for the massage treatment, and cooler stones to gently reawaken the body.

Life Coaching

Are you ready to soar to a new way of living?
Life Coaching can show you powerful ways to explore your options, shift old patterns of behaviour and
experience a new way of living.
There may be aspects of our life that hold us back, make us reluctant to leave our comfort zone.
We may be controlled by fear, failure, limiting beliefs, all of which can be overcome to help you
really reach your true potential.

Would you like to –

  • Achieve your goals
  • Get more out of life
  • Achieve success
  • Earn more money
  • Improve relationships
  • Give your life direction
  • Clarify what is important to you
  • Find time to do what you love
  • Overcome obstacles to your success
  • Improve your confidence and self esteem
  • Create powerful new internal states
  • Change limiting beliefs & values
  • Find happiness and joy
  • Boost and maintain your energy levels
  • Control you own internal mental states
  • Change habits
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Solve emotional problems
  • Enhance skills you
  • already have

In divining our path in life, living out our purpose and fulfilling our destiny, we would be wise to look within. You are your own guru, if only you would listen and pay attention. As a coach, I can help you with this, but I am only shining a torch for you to see better, encouraging you to live a little bolder, and helping you to stay on your path once the going gets tough. My job is to awaken you to your own insights and answers

: “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

Take the leap of faith and learn to fully believe in yourself.

Everybody in the world is seeking happiness – and there is one sure way to find it. That is by controlling your thoughts. It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about. ‘There is nothing either good or bad,’ said Shakespeare, ‘but thinking makes it so.’
Abe Lincoln once remarked that ‘most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.’

If it would help you to change just one thing in your life today, what would it be?………..

Destiny is not a matter of chance……..
It is a matter of choice.

You will receive all the help and support needed as you embark on this
adventure to really get to know yourself and what you want from life.
Initial consultation is free, we can then decide if we can work together.
Further sessions cost £40.00 per session (1 Hour)
Telephone sessions are also available.

If you require instant motivation, inspiration or just to have your day brightened please log onto –

Have the most excellent of lives……….today

Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage

Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage is not another version of Indian Head Massage, it is a completely unique therapy, which draws on the ancient wisdom and philosophies of the Tibetan Ayurveda.

Once prescribed by Tibetan physicians for conditions such as anxiety and restlessness, this deeply relaxing therapy is performed with the client fully clothed in a reclining or lying position. This can either be on a treatment couch, a reclining chair or even on the floor, and includes massage of the scalp, face, neck, throat, shoulders and upper arms. Tibetan acupressure differs from the better known Chinese meridian or Indian Ayurvedic marma systems, and the points used in the treatment are unique to Tibetan medicine.
The aim of the treatment is to make a positive change in the recipient’s energy system with specialised massage techniques.

Cost of treatment – £35.00
Treatment usually lasts 1 hour

  • Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage may benefit because it

Is Holistic – brings balance and harmony to the mind, body and soul and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
It is not necessary for the client to undress, making it ideal for client’s who are shy, or are new to complementary therapies.
Gentle and nurturing
Can be done with or without oils
Deeply relaxing .

Which may contribute to –

Increases circulation to the scalp
Increased oxygen aids healing and nourishes the tissues.
Improves hair and scalp condition
Promotes hair growth
Aids lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins
Relaxation increases endorphin production
Counters the effects of stress
Relieves minor headaches
Relaxes facial and eyes muscles

Hypnotherapy and Psych-K


“Our thinking creates problems that the same type of thinking will not solve” Albert Einstein

Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness, where you are able to open your mind to beneficial suggestions and where you can make use of your imagination to help make positive changes in your life.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

Everybody experiences trance differently – it is a unique experience, but the client is always in control. In general a hypnotic trance is a pleasant, relaxing and tranquil experience. While hypnotised you will be aware of all physical sensations around you, perhaps even noticing sounds you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

Hypnotherapy is rather like being in a daydream, it is a state called “trance”. It might be a deep trance or it might only be a light trance. Whatever level you achieve it’s absolutely the right level for you at that moment. With hypnosis there’s no right or wrong way to experience it, there’s just different ways and they’re all good. Many people experience a trance like state while driving a car – the journey is often made on “automatic pilot” mode, the mind being totally occupied by other matters. How many times do you “switch off” in the middle of a boring conversation or lecture, and daydream?

How is Hypnotherapy different to other therapies?

Hypnotherapy is a brief strategic therapy – one that is aimed specifically at finding a resolution to your problem as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. It is not a long drawn out method of solving a problem. A skilled hypnotherapist will have the ability during a case study to ascertain whether you need to regress back to find the root of the problem, or whether it is more applicable to use future progression techniques to change tomorrow.

Life is what you make it, so why not make it better? Hypnotherapy can improve your life for the better on a daily basis including the way you feel about both yourself and the world around you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Special Offer – Get into shape for summer with Hypnosis for Weight control, become the shape and size you have always desired, naturally, safely, and without having to give anything up. If you have a BMI of 30+ you qualify for the vitual Gastric Band Hypnosis, saving you £7000!, and an operation.


Free your mind from the Prison of Limiting Beliefs!

Psych-K is

  • a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 20 years!
  • a simple, yet powerful process to change limiting beliefs that are self-sabotaging
  • a unique blend of various tools for change, some contemporary and some ancient derived from scientific research in brain dominance theory, neuroscience, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom
  • a ground breaking approach to facilitating change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.
  • a process that transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and stress reduction

Be all that you can be, naturally

So how do we help?

  • By giving you the opportunity to speak with a specialist practitioner in absolute privacy.
  • By providing you with a safe place to speak in confidence about your problems.
  • By providing you with the opportunity to weigh up your treatment options.
  • By really understanding the trap you feel you’re in.
  • By giving you the information and support you need to make informed choices.
  • By making specialist one to one counselling available to you.
  • By ensuring you receive the level of service you really need to be successful.
  • By equipping you with what you need to stay on track.


…and by having an ultimate respect for your capacity to resolve your situation.

We offer Clinical Supervision to colleagues who may be struggling with issues and need a supportive and confidential way to ensure that they remain clear and effective with their clients

Contact us to arrange a free half hour consultation at our consultancy rooms

Please don’t struggle on alone, this service has been created by dedicated practitioners to support you.

Counselling and EMDR

Trauma and EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) was created by DR Francine Shapiro, a Psychologist and Senior Research Fellow at the Mental Health Research Institute in Palo Alto, USA. It is an innovative clinical treatment, which has successfully helped over one million people who have experienced psychological difficulties that originate from some kind of traumatic experience, such as sexual abuse, childhood neglect, road traffic accidents and violence. EMDR is also successful in treating other complaints such as, performance anxiety, self-esteem issues, phobias, and other trauma related anxiety disorders associated with addiction.

EMDR is a complex method of psychotherapy that integrates many of the successful elements of a range of therapeutic approaches, and combines them with eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation in ways which stimulate the brain’s information processing system.

Normally, the individual processes traumatic experiences naturally. However, when a person is severely traumatized, either by an overwhelming event or by being repeatedly subjected to distress, this healing process may become overloaded, leaving the original disturbing experiences unprocessed. These unprocessed memories can be stored in the brain in a “raw” form (triggers) where they can be continually re-evoked when experiencing events that are similar to the original experience.

EMDR utilizes the body’s natural healing ability and allows the brain to heal psychological problems at the same rate as the rest of the body heals physical ailments. Because EMDR allows the mind and body to heal at the same rate, treatment can be rapid. The number of sessions required for EMDR treatment, however, will vary according to the complexity of the issues being dealt with. In general, the more isolated the traumatic memory being treated, the shorter the treatment tends to be.

There have been 14 controlled studies supporting the efficacy of EMDR, making it the most thoroughly researched method in the treatment of trauma. The most recent five studies with people suffering from a range of events such as rape, combat, bereavement, accidents, natural disasters etc. have found that 84 – 90% of the participants no longer had Post-traumatic Stress Disorder following EMDR treatment. Given its wide application, EMDR promises to be the therapy of the future.

Fran Miller, Therapist and Clinical Nurse Specialist has a special interest in the use and development of EMDR in the treatment of addictive forms of behaviour

Adapted from EMDR Europe site.

Counselling and Supervision

Perhaps the most important gifts we can offer another human being is the gift of being heard, the chance to express yourself in a safe and supported, non-judgemental environment.
There are many different approaches to Counselling. Over the years the proliferation of courses and “pseudo” therapies and therapists has done a great deal to undermine confidence in counselling as a respectful, empowering therapeutic option for support in times of difficulty.

We don’t advocate a specific model or approach, believing instead that it is the quality of the relationship between the client and counsellor that may enable people to move forward in their lives as a result of that contact.

What we can and do ensure, is that we offer a respectful environment where you can explore and derive your own solutions to the issues that may be of concern to you, without the concern of being labelled or diagnosed.

There’s so much clutter in busy working people’s lives and probably the most valuable thing we offer is the “space” which is uncluttered by the therapists agenda and preconceived ideas about your needs. This can be like a breath of fresh air to some but we understand that it can seem daunting to others.
Taking the first step is sometimes the biggest and the hardest move to make, but taking one small step towards something, brings it closer, clearer, tangible, and makes change possible.

If you work with psychological therapies and require supervision, either group or individual, please contact us for details.


Conny is a trained Humanistic Counsellor and an Arts Therapist who integrates elements of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine in her work.

My dance of life… ?   Well, one of my life changing momentum’s certainly unfolded when I moved from Germany to this country about 12 years ago. Within the first month of my arrival I met two very special people. One was my then work boss – who offered me the gift of being truly listened to and who kindly encouraged me to step out of an outdated Armour I had been wearing for too long. The other was an old man who loved music and turned out to have been a pioneering counselor in the later 1950’s. In time he became one of my inspiring and sometimes quite challenging life teachers and a dear friend. Both these men encouraged me to dance life, to not forget to breathe and laugh and to have a deep-felt respect for people and their stories…

…and since then my learning & working life grew very organically. Studying to become a Counsellor led me to more deeply appreciate the different ways of how people communicate and express themselves.

Knowing from my own experience what a powerful and also gentle force Creativity can be, I chose to also train in Art/ Creative Expressive Therapy.

The learning never stops, and through the following working years I felt very privileged to facilitate and witness people’s often very courageous journeys of self-exploration, continuously being amazed about their inner self-healing wisdom.

…Often have I thought back to what the old man taught me… but it has needed the actual personal encounter with people to truly understand his words.

During the recent years it felt a natural path to more deeply engage the body in my work… … and to embrace the ancient wisdom of wholesomeness. …

So I am now bringing together the above with elements of Eden Energy Medicine, Touch for Health, Energy Psychology and EFT… some of which every person can easily learn & use themselves.

In my work I’ve been given many treasures and I surely honour the chance to witness people’s unfolding potential and their creative power to re-build their lives.

There is a magic to life I feel, with all the waves it brings. …And learning to trust it is a lesson of which I am still a very young student myself. Having meet Chris several years ago is a beautiful part of this learning and has caused me to smile a lot.

… and of course there is always the dancing…

Dates & Qualification/ training   (Cornelia Friedrich)

*PG Dip. In Art Therapy,University of Derby,UK    (qualified July 2004)

*Counsellor, Yale College Wrexham,UK   (cti)          (qualified Sept. 2004)

*Training in Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapies,Endmoor,UK

(Certificate, 2007)

EFT L1   (2007);  *EFT L2   (2008)

*EFT L3/ Practitioner Level,UK  (Febr. 2009)

*1- day training in Eden Energy Medicine,Cardiff   (May 2010)

*5-day training in Eden Energy Medicine,Cardiff (Certificate, June 2011)

Usui Reiki 1st Degree (2001);  Usui 2nd Degree (2002)

*Usui Reiki Third Degree, Master Practitioner/ Teacher,  UK    (Feb. 2012)

*Quantum Touch Level 1,UK        (Certificate April 2012)

*Touch for Health/ Kinesiology (compact course),Jena,Germany

(Certificate, May 2012)

-Professional Membership:   BAAT  (British Association of Arts Therapists)

HPC state registered


-Combined Liability and Indemnity insurance with BALENS

Arts Therapies offer a wholesome space for people to invite all their  

senses & their imagination to enter a journey of exploration.

By stimulating and focusing their unique creative energies the realms of verbal and non-verbal communication are bridged and pathways open for people to more deeply come in touch with their emotions and inner life. In a confidential therapeutic setting people can find their own language of self-expression & healing which can involve the means of drawing, painting, sculpting, movement, writing, sound and storytelling.

Sometimes people get misled by the terminology “Arts Therapies”. Please know that no artistic skills are required. It is about a willingness to be open and curious, to re-discover and express your own whole self through your own natural kind of creativity and playfulness.

Humanistic Counselling is a safe and confidential encounter between the

person seeking counselling support and a trained Counsellor. In a professional relationship people are given space & time to explore thoughts, feelings, emotions, values and sensations that may cause discomfort and which can be linked to all aspects of life. As a Humanistic Counsellor I acknowledge the wholeness of a person and aim to respectfully facilitate their journey of self-discovery. Hereby I do not give advice but will listen deeply to what the person communicates, encouraging trust in and respect for their own inner wisdom.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an Energy Psychology approach

which was initiated by Gary Craig, based on his studies on Thought Field Therapy (TFT). It combines the ancient wisdom of the body’s energy system & body therapies with the knowledge of modern Western talking therapies. Body, mind and spirit are acknowledged as one entity and any emotional disharmony is understood as an imbalance that can impact upon a person’s whole well being. By tapping specific acupuncture points and using sensitively intoned words/ phrases (provided by the person seeking support) EFT can often quickly restore balance on both an emotional as well as physical level. EFT changes the brain’s chemistry and helps people to let go of old outdated patterns and the feelings attached to these. 

This approach can be learnt easily by everyone and used as a self-help tool for everyday life situations. With a skilled practitioner it can also be successful an approach in treating trauma and PTSD.

EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE (EEM) is an energy medicine approach that was

introduced by Donna Eden in the 1980’s. Working with nine bodily energy systems, including the Aura, Chakras, Meridians and the 5 Elements, she brings together ancient wisdom, a deep respect of nature’s forces and therapeutic knowledge based on modern research.

EEM can provide people with easily available tools to take care of their own health & well being whereby energy itself is understood as the medicine and healing agent for body, mind and soul. As a means to assess the body’s energies simple ‘Energy Tests’, based on ‘Applied Kinesiology’ – in particular John Thie’s ‘Touch for Health’- are used. Depending on their outcome relevant movements and exercises are applied accordingly to support a natural recovery.

When receiving a treatment or by practicing energy medicine on oneself stimuli are given for a natural self-healing process. The body’s and the environment’s electromagnetic and subtle energies are directly engaged in this work and great attention is paid to re-learning a conscious way of relating to ones own unique body energy system.


Creating better births

Why Creating Better Births?

Creating Better Births is about putting YOU in control to ensure the best possible birth for you and your baby. We will provide you with choices, information, and a range of techniques to utilise before, during and after birth. 

Creating Better Births offers a unique approach to preconception, pregnancy, and birthing to ensure your best possible birthing experience and beyond. 

What we do …

Using our specialist skills and knowledge we provide bespoke sessions tailored specifically to meet your own needs. There is no ‘set’ way of working with you so, whether a first, second or more times mum-to-be (or just trying to be) we will work with you and your partner to help you have the very best experience during this exciting time in your life. 


If you think it’s too late!!

Don’t worry – it’s NEVER too late to learn about gentle birthing!

We have worked with mums at 36 and 38 weeks – even one at 39 weeks. They went on to have beautiful, gentle births. 

Please get in touch to see what can be arranged.

or visit our creating better births website here –

Allergy testing service

Allergy testing service

Vega testing – An alternative, electrical method of testing for food and chemical sensitivity.
Theoretical and experimental work on subtle electromagnetic change around the body has shown that the body is very sensitive to radiation in the millimetre/centimetre waveband of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Bringing a substance to which there is a sensitivity, within a centimetre of the body, can facilitate a small but measurable change in the body’s energy field.
Vegatesting equipment is used to measure changes in the body’s energy field, which are the result of a sensitivity to the substance being tested.
Test includes
Allergy Testing
Food Intolerance Guide
Vitamin analysis
Mineral Testing

A full and simple ananlysis of your major concerns will be assessed and explained by the therapist.
The test is performed painlessly by simply holding a metal rod in one hand and using a light pen to gently stroke the finger on the opposite hand. This means that the test is suitable for all ages ( once breastfeeding has ceased).

May help with
Being overweight/Bloating
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Skin disorders
Hormonal problems

Alan Hopewell is our qualified tester, with many years experience of Nutrition and Allergy testing. Alan visits the clinic on a monthly basis, please contact us or watch this site for details of his next clinic.